We are sad to announce that in 2018, Dr. Laurence Stuart Hammond – Co-Founder of iQFunds and inQbator passed away after a short illness. Laurie’s heritage will always be remembered in our brand.

In 2020, Rick Anstey established iQ360 to maintain the networks, expertise and profile that he and his friend Laurie had established through inQbator and iQFunds.


iQFunds is a well established investor and advisory group based in Queensland, Australia with interests and networks around the world.

The iQFunds group was formed in 1999 when Rick Anstey and Laurie Hammond met, over a coffee and established that they shared a passion for helping innovative entrepreneurial ventures become commercially successful.

The group started to operate with inQbator and was rebranded in 2007 to become iQFunds.

about us

iQFunds is the business name of iQ Capital Management Pty Ltd, ACN 120 897 127

inQbator is a business name of Timsco Pty Ltd, ACN 087 948 454.

Since 1999 these companies have provided seed capital, incubation services, mentoring and corporate advisory services for new ventures that embrace both emerging technologies and disruptive business models.

This is what we do:

  • we exploit our deep networks across Government and Enterprise worldwide to identify promising early stage innovation and entrepreneurial individuals with vision
  • we provide informed advice and mentoring to these ventures
  • we provide access to funding directly and indirectly through our resources
  • we typically take equity positions in these companies, in return for our contribution of expertise and guidance
  • our investments are in compelling people and innovative ideas that have the promise of success in global markets
  • we are active at Board level within the companies, and ensure that management has the required resources to maximise opportunities for success
  • we introduce qualified service providers to assist in the success of these companies
  • we manage the next round of investment for our companies and assist in preparing all necessary representations
  • we maintain our equity position within the company until we no longer add value
  • our exit typically is through a trade sale, a public offering or upon a transaction that facilitates a realisation of our investment

investment criteria

“we invest our time and funds in quality people, pursuing significant market opportunities beyond Australia, and creating real businesses where we have the networks, the knowledge and skills to add value”

Since 1999, initially with inQbator and now with iQFunds, our approach has involved access to our expertise and networks to assess the opportunity and identify the real value that we can add to the growth of the business. This has initially involved time to understand the business opportunity and the people and agree on how best to maximise the value of the opportunity for the stakeholders and then, how best to realise that value.

Activities are across the full business life cycle and have typically involved support for all aspects of:

  • developing, questioning and refining business strategy,
  • support to execute that strategy,
  • ensuring funds are available for growth
  • corporate advisory services, structuring, merger or acquisition processes ( M&A )
  • escalate growth potential
  • succession planning
  • exits - shareholders and stakeholders to realise the value in their business

What interests us ?

  • innovation that currently or eventually resides in Australia – products or services targeted at corporate or consumer markets - innovation is a general term, but includes new technology or process driven solutions, in proven vertical markets
  • Products or services that are a key driver of competitive advantage in the commercial world
  • Generally, early stage – research, newly incorporated, commencing operations or a company that strives for critical mass
  • Compelling individuals - who are passionate and realistic about their venture, can describe the market opportunity and also understand their strengths and limitations
  • has clearly identified intellectual property that is protected or capable of being protected
  • where the shareholders support the business plan, and recognise the value we bring

If you feel that this describes your business opportunity, feel free to contact us

our people

Laurie Hammond

Laurie Hammond


Laurie is a founder and director of iQ Capital Management Pty Ltd, which has the inQbator and iQfunds brands at Varsity Lakes on the central Gold Coast. He also consults to technology companies and public sector clients on commercialisation and management of intellectual property through his advisory business, the KNODE Partnership, Laurie’s background includes almost 20 years as a research director and scientist (biology and environmental science), and 10 years as chief executive in a number of organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Laurie is a member of a number of national and state funding and advisory bodies on industry development and innovation, including:

  • Current Chair, “Commercialisation Australia”
  • the “Innovation Australia Board”
  • Current Chair, Collaborative Research Centre for Mining – CRC Mining
  • the national R&D Tax Concession Committee (Chairman since 2000)
  • the Commonwealth government’s Industry Research & Development (IR&D) Board
  • the Commonwealth government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Committee
  • the Queensland government’s Food and Fibre Science and Innovation Council.
  • the Gold Coast Regional Development Advisory Committee.

He has participated in several New Zealand and Australian Ministerial Missions to South-East Asia and North Asia, and been a member of a number of national reviews sponsored by both industry and government.

Laurie has lived and worked in Jamaica, New Caledonia and New Zealand, as well as several Australian states, and undertaken business in North and South Asia, the Pacific region, the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.

His qualifications include an MBA from the University of Melbourne (1990); a PhD from the University of the West Indies (1979); and BSc Hons 1st Class from James Cook University (1973).

Rick Anstey

Rick Anstey


Rick has a career which spans over 40 years, initially from the U.K, entering the emerging information technology and telecommunications industry in 1971, moving to Australia in 1976, establishing his own group of companies in 1983 and subsequently transitioning his activities in 1996 into Venture Capital and Corporate Advisory roles to encourage and develop promising Australian Innovation.

Rick has worked closely with Federal, State and Local Government’s in Australia to commercialise Australian Innovation and provide support for economic development initiatives.

Rick’s initial move into early stage venture capital in 1996 was precipitated by work with the Queensland Government’s FIG program (Financing IT growth) – a Smart State initiative. This gave Rick a profile within the sector and empathy that came from his own experiences with establishing, building and exiting Australian Technology Companies.

Rick co-founded the iQFunds and inQbator brands in 1999 with Dr Laurie Hammond, and through these vehicles alone has invested in 26 companies, that have, in total, attracted over $200 Million in follow-on funds.

Rick manages his time between the requirements of his portfolio companies, various community support programs and his public and private company Directorships.

Rick is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association and a Board member at the Australian Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneuriship (ACE) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) . He is also a past member of the Queensland Government’s Communication and Information Advisory Board, which advised the Government’s Minister of Innovation and Information Economy.

portfolio of current investments

  • Hoodlum
  • Immunexpress
  • ivolve
  • Locatrix
  • Aantara
  • Mesaplexx
  • Skytechologies
  • Kony
  • Veriluma
  • Windlab